Visitors have the opportunity to see a number of mammals, reptiles and birds.

Mammals include the endagered Bilby and Northern Nail Tail Wallaby, rock wallabies and kangaroos and dingos.

View some of the 30 resident and over 20 seasonal visiting birds.

Come face to face with the large sand monitors, geckos, thorny devils, dragons and other lizards, but don't pick up the snakes.



A variety of walks ranging from five minutes to an hour close offering a range of habitats and terrains allowing you to see a variety of wildlife and scenery within close proximity to the campsite.

Walks include:

Creek Walk- 40 mins to the Christmas Creek and the seasonal waterhole for swimming and birdwatching

Airstrip walk- 1hour round walk with spectacular views to the north, especially beautiful at sunrise

Sunset View- 5 minutes to the the top of the hill where seating has been arranged to take advantage of the setting sun catching the range.

Short Walk- 20 minutes loop walk around the perimeter of the homestead paddock

Pineapple bore walk-A longer walk taking you over the creek to a windmill where you have a chance to see the Gouldian Finch amongst many other birds.

Plants of Larrawa

Larrawa is home to more than 500 native plant species found throughout the different land systems and habitats on the station.

We are committed to maintaining the health of the native pastures, the rehabilitation of the range lands and its suite of native flora whilst operating as a working cattle station. Native plants than be found on the station include;

Sandy Soils; Five different varieties of Spinifex, ribbon grass, Wattles and Grevilleas, Gum Trees, the native hibisicus and the beautiful Desert Rose

Black Soils and Creek Lines; Mitchell Grass, Curly Blue Grass, River Red Gums and Coolibahs, native lillies and many native legumes.

Rocky Soils; Spinifex, Wire Grasses, Bloodwoods and Snappy Gums, Red Mulga and other Acacias, The Caustic Bush and the Kapok tree

Bush Tucker and Medicines; In addition here are any palnts which are used for bush tucker and medicine including the bush tomato, the native plum and peach, gubbinge, fresh water mangrove, yams and lemon scented grass